Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week in Photos / Sickness Update

As you can imagine, my week has consisted of a lot of this:

E is still not doing so great.  After almost 24 barf-free hours, she began vomiting again on Friday night.  We took her to Urgent Care on Saturday because we were really starting to worry about her becoming seriously dehydrated.  She had lost half a pound, but otherwise checked out ok.  The doctor gave her some more Zofran (she had been taking it all week, and was still vomiting even with the Zofran on board) and some oral fluids, but thankfully she avoided needing any IV fluids.  After a bit of observation, we were sent home with orders to just keep doing what we'd been doing.  Apparently the stomach virus going around our area right now has been lasting from 7-10 days, so we've likely got a few more days of fun in store.

Thankfully, S is feeling better today and I still haven't had any signs of me coming down with this illness, so that's good.  Now, if we could just get E feeling better!


  1. I really hope E starts to feel better soon. Poor baby! And poor Mommy! I really hope you don't get it. Everyone sick is no fun especially when Mommies are too!

  2. I hope she feels better soon. Poor thing!

  3. Poor thing - hope everyone starts turning the corner soon!