Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Positive Post

I am so tired of being exhausted and frustrated with sleep training, that I thought it was time for me to focus on some positive happenings.

Despite all of the frustrations this past week, I feel like we have made a modicum of progress in the sleep department.  E has gone from absolutely refusing to sleep in her own bed to sleeping there for up to 3 hours at a time.  Previously, she would wake up the second we tried to lay her down in it, no matter how long/how deep she had been sleeping.  It was as if she could sense we were about to lay her down in her bed, and she absolutely would not tolerate it (despite having no issue with us laying her down on our bed, the guest bed, the couch... only her bed).  Also, she has gone from hysterically screaming through hours of bedtime and nap attempts to only mildly fussing and sometimes even resting quietly by herself for 10-20 minutes at a time.

Its the small victories, right? 

Another positive thing that we have done this weekend is go visit a friend of mine and her daughter yesterday.  We were friends in high school, then as life would have it we drifted apart and didn't really talk much until our daughters were born, when we reconnected via Facebook.  Her daughter was born the day after E, and since then we have been in constant contact.  It has been really nice to reconnect with her and to have someone else who I know "in real life" who is literally going through the exact same things we are on a daily basis.

Anyway, we finally got a chance to go visit them yesterday and had a wonderful time.  I hadn't seen her in almost 10 years, and we of course had never met each other's husbands or daughters.  But we all hit it off immediately and had a great day just hanging out, watching our babies play and explore, and reminiscing about old times.  It was so much fun, we are already starting to plan our next visit! :-)

Lastly... E is 99% walking!  This morning we were playing on the floor, and she took 3-4 steps totally unassisted between me and S.  She was so proud of herself, it was like a light switch flipped and suddenly now she "gets it".  All day today she has continued to let go of whatever she is holding on to and take 3-5 steps on her own!  By the end of the week, I am sure she will be toddling all over the place.  We are so proud of her! :-)

Now, if only she could figure out this sleeping thing...


  1. So excited she is walking! I have heard that when they go through milestones that their sleep can be affected. Even no sleepers like our babes. Buuuuutttttt, a has been doing better lately. Focus on the small victories!!,

    1. I have heard that too... I hope once she figures out walking she can finally chill out enough to sleep! ;-) Yay for A doing better too!!!

  2. Ps I first thought this post was titled "a positive test" when I first read it ha ha! I got super duper excited! Oh we'll. ;)

    1. And OMG, I would freak out. Another pregnancy/baby is about the last thing I need right now! I can barely keep me and E alive some days! hahaha

  3. That is so good to hear! We have yet to start transitioning Max into his own bed. We really need to start soon! This head bonking in the middle of the night has me going nuts! He recently bruised up my nose!!!!! It's been healing but still hurts! I may be coming back to see your previous posts in a few months once we take the plunge.

    PS That's the way I feel too! Although so many friends are getting pregnant and making me want another, I can only deal with one baby at a time!! I can't even imagine how moms with twins do it!