Thursday, November 15, 2012


My little E is officially one year old today.  I absolutely cannot believe she has been with us for an entire year already!  And what an amazing year it has been.

This time last year, S and I were recovering from E's whirlwind delivery and marveling at the perfect little being we had created.  (I shared her birth story on my old blog here.) Now, one year has passed and we continue to be amazed by her every single day.  We are so proud of the little person she is becoming, and are so thankful we were chosen to be her parents.

Happy birthday, my sweet girl!


  1. Happy Birthday, E! And dry the tears Mama! :-) Hahah!

  2. happy birthday to your little girl and you! Time FLIES, doesn't it?!

  3. I can't believe she is a year old already!! This year flew by so quickly for us too! Happy Belated Birthday E!!