Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Wish List 2012

I know, I know, I'm a whole week late on this.  But I still wanted to participate in the fun!  So, without further ado, my Christmas wish list!

Steam Mop


I have been wanting one of these for awhile now, once I realized E would soon be scooting around on our admittedly not-so-sanitary tile kitchen and bathroom floors.  Now that she actually IS rolling around all over our dirty tile, I want one more than ever.  My previous floor-cleaning routine involved vacuuming the tile and then Swiffering with Chlorox wipes, which is even more time-consuming than it sounds!  (I have the old-school Swiffer with the "catch holes" that hold the cleaning cloth/pad in place, so you can easily substitute a paper towel/cloth rag/Chlrox wipe instead of the insanely expensive Swiffer brand cloths.  I have been informed they no longer make 'em like this anymore, and with more recent models you can only use the Swiffer pads.  Bummer.)

Anyway, I really, really like that you can use a steam mop to sanitize floors without using a bunch of nasty chemicals.  That will let me cringe slightly less when E eats from the floor and sucks on her hands after rubbing them all over the tile.  Ok, so I will still probably cringe a little.  But yeah, a steam mop is my #1 must-have wish list item this year!

Slow Cooker

It is no secret in this house that I love me some crock pots.  (Yes, I know "Crock Pot" is a trade name and they are technically "slow cookers", but I grew up calling them crock pots, so crock pot it is.)  I seriously use them 3-4 nights per week most weeks!  For the past few years I have kept two on heavy rotation at all times.  Last year about this time, the crock pot S and I got as a wedding gift cracked and died.  It was replaced by a crock pot my step-sister got me for Christmas, woot!  Now, just a few weeks ago, the circa-1980s crock pot that S brought to our marriage (a hand-me-down from his mother) has also crapped out on us.  Time for an upgrade!

[Santa, in case you are reading this, my hypothetical new crock pot needn't be this exact model, but should be at least 6 quarts, and would be amazing if it had those handy travel clamps on the lid. Thanks in advance! ;-)]

Herb Mill

This blog post is making me appear waaaay more domesticated than I actually am.  Rest assured, I really am not as good of a home-maker as all of these wish list items would make me seem!  lol  But I do enjoy growing my own herbs, and this herb mill would come in SO handy for slicing them up to use in recipes.  Chopping them on a cutting board can be a pain in the butt, and I have a really hard time dicing them as small as I would like sometimes.  So, I think this would be a major time-and-sanity-saver!

DSLR Memory Cards

I take a LOT of photos, so this is a must.  This two-pack is a fantastic deal, and Lexar is great because their cards come with a free photo-recovery program which can recover your photos should the memory card becomes corrupted.  Amazing!

Memory Card Carrying Case

Because a girl's gotta keep her memory cards SOMEWHERE.

Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8G Zoom Lens

My fantasy lens.  OH BABY.

Yes, it is extravagantly expensive, but a girl can dream, amirite?

[Note to S... Erm, I mean "Santa."  If you spend this much on a Christmas gift for me at this stage in our lives, I will skin you alive!  Unless you've won the lottery or something and neglected to tell me.  Or, if Santa really is reading this, then carry on... I will leave you extra cookies if you bring me this! :-)]

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