Monday, September 10, 2012


This weekend, S and I ran out of K-cups for our Keurig.  I know, I know, real first-world problems we have here... lol

I had been meaning to go grocery shopping for days, but just kept putting it off.  Well, I'm glad I did, because when I stopped by our local HyVee (a grocery store, for those not in the Midwest) today, I saw they were running a weekly special on 12 packs of K-cups -- $6.99 per box ($0.58/K-cup), down from $9.99 per box ($0.83/K-cup) regular price!

(P.S. WTF HyVee, that is really expensive, even for a non-sale price.)

And, not only were the K-cups on crazy sale, but I also had coupons for $1.00 off one and $1.50 off two!  I bought four boxes for $25.46 including the coupons, which made them $0.53 per K-cup.  Amazing, considering ~$0.60 per K-cup is generally considered a pretty good price! 

Anyway... here is my loot.  Hooray for saving money!  :-)

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